Quiz 4 Solution

CS 14A

60 pts., Apr. 4

Unless otherwise noted, all questions are worth 4 points.

  1. In PowerPoint, what is a transition?
    1. Displaying the points of a list one at a time.
    2. Displaying the next slide. (Answer)
    3. Modifying the character formatting on a slide.
    4. An animated piece of clip art.

  2. Which view shows multiple slides while letting you change the text in a slide?
    1. Slide view.
    2. Outline view. (Answer)
    3. Slide Sorter view.
    4. Notes Pages view.
    5. Slide Show view.

  3. Promotion is used to
    1. move a list item to a sub-list.
    2. move a sub-list item to a list. (Answer)
    3. create a list item.
    4. format a list item.

  4. Which of the following can be changed after a slide has been created?
    1. Its layout and transition effect.
    2. Its position with the presentation.
    3. All of the above. (Answer)
    4. None of the above.

  5. The Look Wizard is used to
    1. format individual items within a single slide.
    2. format clip art.
    3. choose an overall style for a presentation. (Answer)
    4. select a template for a single slide.
    5. None of the above.

  6. The formula =AVERAGE(B4:B6)
    1. is invalid because the cells are not contiguous.
    2. computes the average of cells B4 and B6.
    3. computes the average of cells B4, B5, and B6. (Answer)
    4. computes the average of the sum of cells B4, B5, and B6.
    5. None of the above.

  7. Cell F6 contains the formula =SUM(B6:D6) . What will be the contents of cell F7 if cell F6 is copied to cell F7?
    1. =SUM(B6:D6) .
    2. =SUM(B7:D7) . (Answer)
    3. =SUM($B$6:$D$6) .
    4. =SUM($B$7:$D$7) .
    5. None of the above.

  8. A formula containing the reference $A$4 is copied to a cell one column over and two rows down. How will the reference appear in its new location?
    1. Both the row and column will change.
    2. Neither the row nor column will change. (Answer)
    3. The row will change but the column will remain the same.
    4. The column will change but the row will remain the same.
    5. None of the above.

  9. Given that percentage format is in effect and that the number .056 has been entered into the active cell, how will the contents of the cell appear?
    1. .056
    2. 5.6% (Answer)
    3. .056%
    4. 56%

  10. If the results of a formula contain more characters than can be displayed according to the present format and cell width,
    1. the extra characters will be truncated.
    2. all of the characters will be displayed if the cell to the right is empty.
    3. a series of asterisks will be displayed.
    4. a series of pound signs will be displayed. (Answer)
    5. None of the above.
  11. What is the main advantage of a spreadsheet over manual calculation?

    Formula values change immediately to reflect changes in input data. This allows a person to perform ``What If'' modeling.

  12. Who and/or what did the Xerox PARC researchers study in order to make computers easy to use.?

    The researchers studied the dominant mode (visual) of a child's learning.

  13. Name the two men who formed Apple Computer.

    Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

  14. Why would you use a chart to present data?

    It's easier to interpret the data in a chart than it is to interpret raw numbers.

  15. Name the three types of data that may be contained in a spreadsheet cell.

    Values (numbers), labels (text), and formulas.

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