Review Materials for Quiz 3

Tom Kelliher, CS14A

Mar. 8, 1997

The purpose of these materials is to clarify that material which will be covered by the upcoming quiz which you might not be very sure about. Some areas will not be mentioned here, because I was clear in my coverage; nonetheless these areas are covered by the quiz. An example is this:

  1. The questions listed on each of the MS Word exercise handouts.

Here are the clarifications:

  1. Important ideas from Unit 4D of Computers in Your Future:
    1. Multimedia; additional hardware needed for a multimedia system.

    2. Authoring software: what is is? Examples of authoring packages?

    3. Hypermedia and hypertext.

    4. Presentation software: slides, templates.

    5. Analytical graphs: common types.

    6. Clip art; public domain software.

    7. Handouts, speaker's notes, slide shows.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Sat Mar 8 11:34:52 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher