PowerPoint II

CS 14A

Mar. 14, 1997

Several of us learned Wednesday that PowerPoint is not a very stable program. Therefore, save your work often! (After each step would be a good idea.)

  1. Start PowerPoint.

  2. Open a new, blank presentation.

  3. Create a title slide. Use Tips and Techniques for Finding the Right Job as the title. Use the following for the sub-title: Presented by:
    Type your name here
    Director of Human Resources
    Acme Enterprises, Inc.

  4. Use the Look Wizard to pick a presentation style.

  5. Create a bulleted list slide. Use Where to Start? as the title. Here are the points to make on the slide:
    1. Newspaper
    2. Trade publications
    3. Employment agencies
    4. Search firms
    5. Word of mouth

  6. Create another bulleted list slide. Use The Resume as the title. Here are the points:
    1. Job objectives
    2. Qualifications
    3. Education
    4. Employment history
    5. References

  7. Create one last bulleted list slide. Use Interview Preparation as the title. Here are the points:
    1. Research the company
    2. Rehearse answers to likely questions
    3. Prepare questions to ask prospective employer.

  8. Apply transitions to each of the slides and builds to the bulleted slides. Use different builds and transitions. Use Slide Show View to try-out your effects.

  9. Go back and insert an image or two into one or more of your bulleted lists. You will have to resize and move the text to create empty space on the slide and then insert an image.

  10. Save your presentation one final time. E-mail the presentation to me as a GroupWise attachment.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Mar 12 14:23:20 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher