PowerPoint I

CS 14A

Mar. 12, 1997

The first of these exercises requires a pre-existing PowerPoint presentation. This presentation may be found on your R: drive, in nearly the same location in which the previous exercise's documents were found --- the final folder on the ``trail of folders'' is named ppt1. Don't forget to do a Save As after you've opened the presentation. Questions for which you are responsible:

  1. Describe each of the five presentation views.

  2. What is a transition? A build?

  3. What is the purpose of the Look Wizard?

  4. What are promotion and demotion?

Exercise, using an existing presentation (If you get stuck, call me over):
  1. Start PowerPoint.

  2. Open the presentation intro.ppt and save it onto your N: drive.

  3. Choose Slide Show view and run through the presentation. Note the transition and build effects as you move on to each new slide.

  4. Use the Look Wizard to change the background design. Also, use the wizard to add your name and the date to the bottom of each slide.

  5. Change the title and author on the first slide.

  6. Insert a new slide and use Auto Layout to select the bulleted list style. Use Five Different Views as the title. Add these points as bullets:

  7. Insert a second new slide and use Auto Layout to select the text & clip art style. Use The Clip Art Gallery as the title. Add these points as bullets: Use demote to make the sub-points. Italicize 1,000. Insert the Man with too many hats image into the image box.

  8. Use slide sorter view to place your bulleted list slide after the Presentations Made Easy slide and then place your text & clip art slide after the title slide. Add build and transition effects to the two slides you created. Your builds should dim previous points.

  9. Switch to outline view and experiment with adding, deleting, promoting, and demoting points.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Tue Mar 11 14:52:34 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher