PowerPoint Project

CS 14A

60 pts., due Mar. 21

Produce a PowerPoint presentation meeting the following specifications:

  1. The topic may be anything of interest to you.

  2. You should prepare a 12 minute presentation. On average, a presenter needs one minute per slide.

  3. Spelling and grammar should be perfect.

  4. The presentation should be well-organized, including a title, overview, conclusion, etc.

  5. The presentation should be informative.

  6. Clip-art should be tastefully used.

  7. A number of slide layouts should be used.

  8. No slide should be needlessly wordy.

  9. Use a template from the Look Wizard to control the color scheme and other visual elements.

  10. Include date and page number on each slide.

To turn in the presentation, e-mail me and include the presentation file as an attachment. You may use the first few minutes of class on the 21st to e-mail the presentation to me, but you may not work on the presentation itself on the 21st. Hard copy of the presentation will not be accepted for grading.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Sun Mar 9 15:03:39 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher