Paper I

CS 14A

60 pts., due Mar. 7

From the syllabus, here's a list of topics:

  1. Buying a computer: must-have features, ``nice'' features, questionable features. Compare and contrast two PC systems.
  2. Analyze a software application; compare two examples of it.
  3. Explore an ethical issue related to computing or networked communications. For example, term paper archives.
  4. Explore an issue related to security or privacy in the electronic age. For example, electronic data gathering.
  5. A study of the use of computing and communications in your discipline.
  6. A study of future uses of computing and communications.
The first two topics are less interesting than the others; therefore, they will be downgraded by six points. If you have other ideas for topics, please discuss them with me.

Your paper will be graded upon the following criteria:

  1. Spelling and grammar. Since you now know how to use spell and grammar checks, the spelling and grammar in your paper should be flawless.

  2. Appropriate formatting:
    1. 1 inch margins, all around. Doublespaced. The paper should be 4--5 pages in length. Indent the first line of each paragraph by 1/2 inch. The body of the text should be left- and right-justified.

    2. Centered title and author name. These should be in a font different from the body font and should be a larger point size. Don't use a separate title page.

    3. Page numbers in the footer and the paper title in the header (except on the first page)

  3. Substantiation of position. I don't particularly care what position you take on an issue, but it must be substantiated through a valid supporting argument. I prefer to see papers in which a position is taken rather than papers which merely report facts.

  4. Endnoted references or bibliography.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Feb 26 23:40:32 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher