Images and Scanning

Tom Kelliher, CS14A

May 5, 1997


  1. Image file formats:
    1. TIF.

    2. GIF: 256 colors, interlaced, transparency

    3. JPEG: up to 16M colors.

  2. Image size: pixels.

  3. Compression --- decreasing file size. Lossy vs. lossless.

Images on the Web

  1. Copyright.

  2. Usable formats: GIF, JPEG.

  3. Consideration for those with slow Internet connections or text-only browsers:
    1. Thumbnails.

    2. Using GIF rather than JPEG; decreasing the number of colors.

    3. Providing text-only menus along with image-based menus.

    4. Monitor resolution: yours vs. theirs.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Sun May 4 20:10:33 EDT 1997
Tom Kelliher