Internet Search Project

CS 14A

60 pts., due Feb. 21

Use a word processor to produce and print the following summaries.

  1. Using World Wide Web search engines (numerous search engines are available from Netscape --- see Lesson 7 of Project 8 in Internet Essentials), locate five good references to each of three topics of interest to you. Summarize your references (about one page per topic).

  2. Research the advanced search capabilities (language) of any two of the popular search engines (Alta Vista, Lycos, Web Crawler, Yahoo, etc.) and compare them on each of the following points:
    1. Ease of learning the search language.

    2. Ease of using the search language.

    3. Power of the search language (How much better is it than the basic search capabilities?).

    Produce a 1--2 page summary.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Sat Feb 8 11:38:14 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher