Tom Kelliher, CS14A

Feb. 10, 1997


  1. I will be out of town Wednesday.

  2. Novell accounts?


  1. A brief history of the Internet.

  2. Deciphering URLs.

  3. Telnet exercise.

A Brief History of the Internet

  1. The Internet.

  2. Telnet: remote login.

  3. E-mail, discussion lists: private communications.

  4. Ftp: file transfer.

  5. Chats, IRC, role-playing games: electronic ``lounges.''

  6. USENET, bulletin boards: public communications.

  7. Gopher: text-based ``web.''

  8. World Wide Web: multi-media. The whole nine yards.

  9. The future?

Deciphering URLs

Consider the URL
It has three components:
  1. http --- service name. Other possibilities: gopher, telnet, news, etc.

  2. --- server name. The name of the Internet computer to which this request is directed.

  3. ~kelliher/ --- location of information on server. ``Drill down'' through folders.

A few additional examples:

Note the port component on the second example.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Sat Feb 8 10:57:03 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher