PC History, Browsing the Web

Tom Kelliher, CS14F

Sept. 10, 1996


PC History Video

Triumph of the Nerds, volume 1. ``An irreverent history of the PC industry.

Browsing the Web

Bring your Internet Essentials Guide and refer to Project 8.

  1. How do I start Netscape Navigator?

  2. How are sites on the web addressed?

    1. What is a URL?

    2. How do I read a URL? Service, host, file.

  3. How do I visit a site?

    1. Click the Open button on the tool bar.

    2. A dialog box appears. Enter the URL (try http://www.yahoo.com). Press the Enter/Return key or click the Open button in the dialog box to visit the site.

  4. What are hyperlinks and how do I use them?

  5. What are the toolbar buttons?

    1. Back

    2. Forward

    3. Home

    4. Reload

    5. Print

    6. Find

    7. Stop

  6. Where can I get started?

    From the Westminster College home page (http://www.westminster.edu), visit Other Sites of Interest.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Sep 9 09:31:35 EDT 1996
Tom Kelliher