Quiz 5 Solution


10 pts., Oct. 29

  1. (4 pts.) In what way are electronic spreadsheets useful in answering what-if questions?

    You can change values and the spreadsheet will re-calculate any formulas using those values. This allows you to explore possibilities.

  2. (6 pts.) In Excel, the most efficient way to find the average of several numbers is to use the AVERAGE function. Suppose you want to find the average of the numbers in cells C4, C5, C6, D4, D5, and D6. Write a formula using the AVERAGE function and an appropriate range to compute the average of the six numbers. Write another formula that adds the six numbers and divides the result by six to compute the average.


Thomas P. Kelliher
Tue Oct 29 22:38:34 EST 1996
Tom Kelliher