Quiz 1 Solution


10 pts., Sept. 10

  1. (3 pts.) In what ways can a graphics software package be useful?

    For creating attractive charts and graphs as an aid in making presentations.

  2. (3 pts.) What does saving a file mean, and why is that procedure so important?

    It means transferring information from memory to storage. It is important because memory is temporary (lost when the PC is turned off), while storage is permanent.

  3. (4 pts.) What is a GUI? Why is it valuable? Name two companies responsible for developing the first GUIs.

    A GUI is a graphical user interface which provides icons and menus. It improves ``user friendliness.'' Apple and Microsoft are the companies which developed the first GUIs.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Fri Sep 20 11:25:01 EDT 1996
Tom Kelliher