Midterm Review, Practice

Tom Kelliher, CS14F

Oct. 17, 1996

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Midterm Review

Material covered by midterm: modules 3B and 4A in Computers in Your Future, Projects 1--6 in Word 6 for Windows Essentials.

  1. What is a track, sector, read-write head? What is formatting?

  2. What are the two general categories of files?

  3. What is the file name, extension? Limitations in naming?

  4. What are some more specific categories of files, based upon file extension?

  5. What is the root directory? Compare directory and folder. Can a directory contain a directory? What is a sub-directory?

  6. What is a record? In what is it stored? What is a field? What is sequential file organization? Direct file organization?

  7. What is the history of printing?

  8. What are the five steps in producing a document with a word processing package? Name some word processing packages.

  9. How do you separate paragraphs? What is word wrap?

  10. Insert versus typeover mode? Cutting and pasting?

  11. What is formatting? What are typical formatting activities?

  12. Typeface? Font? Point, point size? Serif? Style?

  13. What features are available to promote effective writing?

  14. What is mail merge? Macros?

  15. What is desk top publishing? Portrait, landscape mode? Clip art?

  16. Important parts of the Word window.

  17. Using help.

  18. Navigating in a document.

  19. Opening a new, old document. Save, save as.

  20. The select, apply model.

  21. Formatting: Margins. Spacing. Undo. Spell check, etc. Indenting text. Headers and footers.

Midterm Practice

Do the ``On Your Own'' exercise on page 90 of Word Essentials.

If There's Time Remaining...

...and you haven't finished the Word projects, finish them. All projects must be turned in by Oct. 22.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Thu Oct 10 15:59:21 EDT 1996
Tom Kelliher