Other Software Packages

Tom Kelliher, CS14F

Nov. 7, 1996

  1. Midterm in 1 week.

  2. Homework due.

  3. No quiz Tuesday.

  4. WWW extra credit (as promised). 10 points:
    1. Locate a piece of software on the web. Preferably, not a piece of software already mentioned in this outline.

    2. Write, using MS Word, a one page summary describing features of the software.

    3. Include the URL as a reference.

    4. Due Nov. 14.

Integrated Packages

An integrated Package is an all-in-one program including:

  1. Word processor.

  2. Spreadsheet, charting tool.

  3. Database.

  4. Communications.

  5. ClipArt.

``Watered-down'' version of software suites.

Example: Microsoft Works.

User friendly features:

  1. Wizards.

  2. Templates to produce common documents:
    1. Letters.

    2. Resumes.

    3. Mailing labels, envelope.

    4. Etc.

Research these questions about Works 3.0 on your own:

  1. Does it do 3-D charts?

  2. Does it include a spell check? Thesaurus? Grammar check?

  3. Will it work with a modem?

Example of software bundled with a system.

Software Suites

Bundled productivity tools: word processor, spreadsheet, database, presentation software, Internet capabilities.


  1. Microsoft Office.

  2. Lotus SmartSuite. (Click WIN 95 buttons for list of programs included.)

    Research on your own: What are the six programs included in the Windows 95 version?

  3. Corel Office

Personal Finance

  1. Intuit Quicken

    Research own your own for Quicken 6:

    1. Will it work with the web?

    2. Can you get stock quotes?

    3. Are there video introductions?

    4. What are the three ways it will sort you check register?

  2. MECA Managing Your Money

  3. Microsoft Money

  4. Intuit TurboTax

Some features:

  1. Electronic banking.

  2. Check writing.

  3. Budgeting.

  4. Keeping track of expenses.

Graphics Programs

Corel Draw

Research on your own:

  1. What operating systems will it work with?

  2. What is the minimum CPU type?

  3. What is the recommended amount of RAM?


  1. Electronic drawing, painting.

  2. Image manipulation. Any dangers here?

  3. Scanning.

  4. Animation.

  5. ``Morphing.''


Excel projects 7 and 8.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Tue Nov 5 21:13:56 EST 1996
Tom Kelliher