Multimedia and Presentation Software

Tom Kelliher, CS14F

Nov. 5, 1996

  1. Collect homework.

  2. Quiz.


What is multimedia?

  1. Sound.

  2. Text.

  3. Video.

  4. Images.

Integrated together.

Multimedia hardware requirements (or, why multimedia is novel):

  1. 486 or better CPU.

  2. 8MB RAM, 250MB disk.

  3. Local bus video, VGA or better.

  4. CD-ROM drive, 4X or better.
    1. Storage capacity.

    2. ``Half-life'' of storage media.

  5. Sound card (``Sound Blaster''), speakers or earphones.

  6. MPEG hardware or software support.

Multimedia software.

  1. Encyclopedias.

  2. Trip planners.

  3. Simulations.

  4. What would you like to see? Feasibility of virtual courses?

  5. The web? The $500 ``network computer.''

  6. Authoring software:
    1. Labor intensive.

    2. Copyright.

  7. Can all this replace printed media? The ``paperless'' office.

Presentation Software

  1. Produce slides or give electronic presentations.

  2. Templates and wizards.

  3. Bulleted text, clip art, backgrounds.

  4. Slide guidelines:
    1. 25 words or fewer.

    2. One minute per slide.

  5. Including graphs from Excel.

Demo of MS PowerPoint.


  1. What activities would most benefit from multimedia? Least benefit?

  2. Repeat for presentation software.

  3. What's more important, style or substance?

  4. How much time should one spend polishing the image?

Thomas P. Kelliher
Sun Nov 3 17:37:59 EST 1996
Tom Kelliher