Homework 2A


40 pts., due Oct. 3

Note that this document is two-sided. WWW Scavenger hunt:

  1. Access the Pennsylvania State Senate's Member Directory at
    www.pasen.gov/members/senators.html and click on ``Who is your Senator (Large PA map).'' Click on the senatorial district that contains all of Lycoming County.

    Who is the senator from this district, when is his birthday, and in what major is his college degree?

  2. Visit www.wlc.com/oxus/centasia.htm and click on the Uzbekistan link under the flag for that country. Follow the link to the CIA factbook on Uzbekistan and answer these questions:

    What is the capital city? What is the infant mortality rate per 1,000 births? On what date was the constitution adopted?

  3. Enter the Whale Watching Web at www.physics.helsinki.fi/whale/. Look in the Cetacean Encyclopedia, then check the Gray Whale Tutorial. Under Migration,

    Name all the countries that the whales pass by on their southward migration, as shown on the map.

  4. From www.tornadoproject.com, click on the Recent Tornados link.

    How old was the German man who was killed by a tornado on 22 July 1996 and where was he killed?

  5. Surf to www.bod.net/cjackson/featured.htm and answer

    On what date, and where, was Edgar Degas born? On what date, and where, did he die?

  6. Visit the Webcrawler search engine at www.webcrawler.com. Click the mouse pointer in the search box and enter the name ``Tori Amos'' and then click the search button. (For this, be sure to enter the quotation characters.)

    How many matches are there for this subject?

    Follow the link to Jason Bilsky's Tori Amos page. On what date, and in what location, was the first concert he attended? On what date, and in what location, was the last concert he attended?

  7. One for sports fans. Visit sports.yahoo.com and click on National League Baseball.

    Under Current hitting streaks, who has the third longest current winning streak among pitchers in the National League this season, what team does he play for, and how long was the streak?

Visit the web site of one of the two major US political parties (www.democrats.org or
www.rnc.org). Research one of the planks in the party platform that you find interesting. (Educational funding, student loans?) Then, send e-mail to an appropriate politician expressing your view on the issue and asking for action. In the CC: field of GroupWise e-mail include my e-mail address (INTERNET:Send mail to kelliher AT DOMAIN abacus.westminster.edu); I will receive a carbon copy of your e-mail so that you receive credit for it.

Please be polite in your e-mail. You wouldn't want to receive an unwanted visit from the FBI, would you?

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Sep 25 09:42:59 EDT 1996
Tom Kelliher