Homework 1


40 pts., due Oct. 10

Use Microsoft Word (i.e., I don't want you to use Wordperfect or MS Works, etc.) to answer each of the following discussion questions. Each essay should be about a page long; both essays should be contained within one document.

  1. Discuss one of the negative consequences that computers may have had on society, and make a suggestion for a way to help correct this negative situation.

  2. Consider the tasks you now do for school-related commitments, job duties, and personal endeavors. State you own needs assessment. (Refer to Chapter 10, Unit A.)

Follow these guidelines:

  1. Start your document off with a centered title, using a larger, bold font than used for the body of the text.
  2. Use a bolded section title to separate the two questions.
  3. Your document must be spell- and grammar-checked. (Points will be deducted for poor spelling and grammar.)

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Oct 2 11:14:15 EDT 1996
Tom Kelliher