Excel III

CS 14A

Apr. 2, 1997

Several of these exercises require pre-existing Excel documents. These documents may be found on your R: drive, in nearly the same location in which the previous exercise's documents were found --- the final folder on the ``trail of folders'' is named excel3. Don't forget to do a Save As after you've opened each document.


These questions may appear on a forthcoming quiz. They come from the Excel Essentials readings)

  1. What is multitasking?

  2. Why is the exchange of data between documents useful?

  3. What is an integrated suite?

  4. Name two integrated suites.

  5. What do OLE and DDE stand for?

  6. What is linking?

  7. What does embedding an object in another document allow you to do?


  1. Finish the Excel II exercise before starting this one.

  2. Project 8, On Your Own, pg. 167. The files are named usedcds.xls and usedcds.doc . Note that you are copying the spreadsheet, but not linking it. Change some numbers on the spreadsheet and note that they don't change in the letter.

  3. Project 8, Brief Cases, pg. 168. The files are named investor.xls and investor.doc . Note that you are linking the chart (the same could be done with a spreadsheet --- as you will do on the project). Change some numbers in the spreadsheet (ignore the suggestions given in the exercise) and observe that both charts change (on the spreadsheet and within the Word document) to reflect the changes.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Mar 31 10:39:08 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher