Excel I

CS 14A

Mar. 21, 1997

Several of these exercises require pre-existing Excel documents. These documents may be found on your R: drive, in nearly the same location in which the previous exercise's documents were found --- the final folder on the ``trail of folders'' is named excel1. Don't forget to do a Save As after you've opened each document.

Questions for which you are responsible (these questions come from the Excel Essentials readings):

  1. Make sure that you are familiar with the terms in Table 1.1 of Project 1.

  2. How do you select an entire row? An entire column? An entire worksheet?

  3. What is autofill?

  4. What is the clipboard?


  1. The underbid.xls workbook on the R: drive was the last assignment completed by your predecessor prior to his unfortunate dismissal. The worksheet contains a significant error, which caused your company to underbid a contract and assume a subsequent loss of $100,000. As you look for the error, don't be distracted by the attractive formatting. The shading, lines, and other touches are nice, but accuracy is more important than anything else. Send a piece of e-mail to your ``boss'' (that's me) describing the nature of the error. Include suggestions on how to avoid mistakes of this nature in the future.

  2. Do the On Your Own exercise on page 51. Make up cost figures. Create one column sum and one row sum formula and practice copying each of them to the other columns/rows. Observe how the relative references change. There is no need to print the worksheet.

  3. Do the Brief Cases exercise on page 51. Again, practice copying formulas and there's no need to print the worksheet.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Mar 19 19:27:06 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher