Web Page Design

Tom Kelliher, CS14A

Apr. 23, 1997

Today we will:

  1. Create a Web page with a link to a second, local page.

  2. Create a Web page which has an image on it.

Friday we will: publish our first pages.

Important background

  1. Distinction between browser and editor.

  2. Editor toolbars/buttons:
    1. Link button (link of chain) --- Used to create links to other pages.

    2. Publish button (page with lightning bolt) --- used to publish pages to Web server.

    3. Paragraph style.

    4. Alignment buttons.

  3. Importance of using a single folder to hold all Web pages and images and nothing else.

  4. Moving between the browser and multiple editors.

  5. Similarities to other GUI-based programs.

  6. Case sensitivity on the Web server.

  7. Checking link/image properties.

  8. Save in editor; reload in browser.

  9. The editor is not completely GUI.

Your First Web Page


Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Apr 21 11:02:05 EDT 1997
Tom Kelliher