Class Survey

CS 102

Jan. 20, 1999


I have several purposes in mind in asking you to complete this survey:

  1. I want to learn about you and your knowledge and attitude toward computing.

  2. I want to make sure that you know a little bit about using a Web browser to find some information, MS Word to edit a document, and MS Exchange to attach a document and send e-mail.

  3. I want you to become familiar with the class' on-line resources.


  1. Log into your workstation and start the Internet Explorer browser.

  2. In the address box type the following and press return:
    Notice how the browser automatically adds the service name (http://) for you. Also notice that you didn't have to enter Goucher's domain (

  3. Find and follow the link to the CS 102 home page. You may want to bookmark (make it a ``favorite'') the class home page.

  4. Find the link to the class survey and click on it.

  5. If all goes well, the survey form pops up as a Word document right in the browser. Fill out the form and save it onto your network folder on the G: drive:
    1. Open the File menu and choose Save as....

    2. Open the Save in menu by clicking on the small arrow pointing downward to the right of the menu box. Find the icon representing the G: drive and double click on it. You may have to wait a moment for all the folders to appear.

    3. Find you folder and double click on its icon to open it. If you select a folder, any folder, and then type the first few characters of your username, you'll quickly go to your folder.

    4. In the File name box, set the file name to survey.doc.

    5. Click the Save button.

  6. You may now close Internet Explorer.

  7. Start Exchange (the e-mail software --- with the Inbox icon) and send me (kelliher) a piece of e-mail with the subject ``Survey.'' After moving the mouse cursor to the body of the message (the area where you type the message, open the Insert menu and choose File. Using the same method you used to save your survey, use the Insert File window that pops up to find your survey document and insert it into the body of your e-mail. (The document is automatically inserted at the cursor when you've highlighted the document name and click Ok.) Then, send the e-mail.

  8. You're done. You may log out now.

Thanks for doing the survey!

Thomas P. Kelliher
Tue Jan 19 19:15:41 EST 1999
Tom Kelliher