Quiz 4 Review

CS 102

Mar. 25

The quiz will consist of 10 questions, each worth six points. At least seven of the questions will be drawn from this set of FrontPage and Artificial Intelligence questions. The quiz is closed book, but you are permitted to research and bring the answers to this set of questions to the quiz with you. The only restriction is that you must turn-in your set of answers with your quiz.

FrontPage Questions

  1. For each of the following tasks, indicate if it is performed in FrontPage Explorer or FrontPage Editor:
    1. Create a Web page.

    2. Publish a Web.

    3. Delete a Web Page.

    4. Create a Web.

    5. Get a listing of all the files in a Web.

    6. Refresh the list of files in a Web.

  2. Describe how to open an existing Web. Be specific.

  3. Describe how to create a new Web. Be specific.

  4. Name two thing you can do in Internet Explorer that you can't do in FrontPage Editor.

  5. What must be the filename of your ``home'' page?

  6. Assume that you have a Web, containing several pages, opened in FrontPage Explorer. One of the pages is named sample.htm. Describe how to open sample.htm for editing. Be specific.

  7. Describe two ways of inserting an image into a page. Be specific.

  8. Is it possible to change the size, font, or color of a single or multiple word(s) of text on a page? If so, how?

  9. Is it possible to edit a page directly on the Web server?

  10. Describe how to add a background image to a page. Be specific.

  11. Is it possible to associate a hyperlink with an image? If so, how?

Artificial Intelligence Questions

  1. Describe a failure and a success of neural nets.

  2. Who was Alan Turing? Describe the Turing test.

  3. What is strong A.I.?

  4. What is ELIZA? Briefly describe how it works.

  5. Give one example of an expert system.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Mar 25 08:58:12 EST 1998
Tom Kelliher