FrontPage Publishing Summary

CS 102

Apr. 8, 1998

  1. Open FrontPage Explorer.

  2. Open the FrontPage Web you want to publish. The file location you type in will look something like G:\kelliher\homepage . After listing the Webs, most likely you want to open <Root Web> .

  3. Back in FrontPage Explorer, open the File menu and choose Publish FrontPage Web.

  4. This time, enter phoenix for destination Web server. Your destination FrontPage Web will look something like ~kelliher (note the tilde character). The only option that should be checked is ``Add to an existing FrontPage Web.''

  5. Next, you'll be presented with a ``Name and Password Required'' dialog box. Your name will be similar to kelliher (note the absence of the tilde character) and your password is either what I gave you or what you changed it to. After closing the dialog box, FrontPage will begin to publish your pages.

  6. Make sure your pages were published correctly. Open Internet Explorer and enter your URL. It will be similar to phoenix/~kelliher/ . If no page displays, the most common reason is that you didn't give your main home page the filename index.htm . You'll need to correct that error and re-publish.

    To rename a file, open the Help menu, choose Microsoft FrontPage Help, click the Index tab and search for ``Rename.'' Follow the instructions given. If dialog boxes regarding renaming hyperlinks pop up, choose ``Yes.''

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Apr 8 17:48:33 EDT 1998
Tom Kelliher