Using Paint Shop Pro

Tom Kelliher, CS 102

Mar. 4, 1998


From last time:

  1. Caught up.


  1. Demonstration of Paint Shop Pro features.

  2. Experiment with Paint Shop Pro.

Assignment: See handout.

Paint Shop Pro


  1. Opening an image file.

  2. Saving an image file. File formats. Interlaced GIF. Transparency.

  3. Using the browser to view results.

  4. Getting help.

  5. Undo.

  6. Flip, mirror, rotate.

  7. Foreground, background color. Selecting each. Swapping them.

  8. Increasing, decreasing color depth.

  9. Count colors used.

  10. Filters. Minimum color depth.

  11. Filter browsing.

  12. Brightness, contrast, alpha value, saturation.

  13. Making a watermark by adjusting color information.

  14. Negative, grayscale.

  15. Painting.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Mar 4 07:47:59 EST 1998
Tom Kelliher