Assignment 2: Image Manipulation and Publishing

CS 102

50 points, due Mar. 13, 1998

The goal of this assignment is for you to experiment with Paint Shop Pro, create a tiny Web site on your own, and publish that site. Using Paint Shop Pro, do each of the following:

  1. Take an image and convert it to a watermark.

  2. Paint a small picture, using at least three or four colors.

  3. Design a button. (E.g., a ``home'' or ``back'' button.)

  4. Design a multi-colored banner with text and a few graphical elements. This banner should be a transparent GIF.

  5. Take a photograph and apply two or three filtering operations or other image manipulation operations (e.g., mirror) to it.

All images should be saved as interlaced GIF89a images. Open a new Web site and copy your images to it. Within the site you just opened, create a Web page with the file name hw2.htm and title Homework 2 . Use the watermark as the background for this page and insert the other images. The text on the page should be a brief description of how you produced each of the five images. Publish the page and the images to your phoenix URL.

Grading criteria

  1. Appropriate use of color. For example, the text should be easy to read against the watermark. The page should be pleasing to the eye.

  2. Successfully publishing the page and five images.

  3. The page and its images should download in less than 30 seconds when a 28.8 Kb modem is used for the Internet connection. (Recall that FrontPage Editor will display this download time for you.)

  4. Evidence that you've worked with several of Paint Shop Pro's features. I'll look at the images themselves and their descriptions for this.

  5. Good spelling and grammar.

We've created Web sites, created pages, and published sites in previous labs. You may need to refer to those lab handouts, copies of which are on the class home page, to complete this assignment. We will also have completed a Lab on Paint Shop Pro, which also has an extensive on-line help facility.

Even though this assignment is due on the 13th, I suggest you treat it as if it were due on the 11th. At the very least, you should verify that you can create and publish a new Web site containing a single page by then. That way, if you are having problems you still have two days to see me during office hours to resolve them. (Because we have already done these things in class, we will not spend any class time on this assignment.) Remember that under College policy neither broken computers, network outages, busy computer labs, nor forgotten passwords are acceptable excuses. The best way to combat these problems is by finishing a little early.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Mar 4 08:40:58 EST 1998
Tom Kelliher