Group Project

CS 102

100 points, due and demo-ed
at the final, May 14

These are the general requirements for all projects. Additional requirements will be determined on a group-by-group basis.

  1. Make appropriate use of color, imagery, and text.

  2. Use correct spelling and grammar.

  3. Be useful to the intended audience.

  4. Be sensitive to intended audience and others who may ``happen in.''

  5. Follow the guidelines of good Web design described in Chapter 3 of the text. (Don't be concerned about image size and download time.)

  6. Each individual is to maintain an electronic journal. Entries should be dated and consist of what work was done and who was involved (if the work done that day was done as a group or sub-group). Journal ``snapshots'' should be e-mailed to me on 5/1, 5/8, and 5/14. The primary purpose of the journals is to ensure that everyone does their ``fair share'' of the work. Oral descriptions of work done are not an acceptable substitute.

For today's class you should:
  1. Pick a name for your group. This name will be the ~name of your project's URL.

  2. By the end of class, e-mail me a document describing your project in more detail. I will use this to determine any additional requirements for your group.

  3. Decide your intended audience.

  4. Begin to decide the layout of you project's Web site:
    1. The number of pages needed.

    2. The information on each page.

    3. The structure of the site: how the pages link to each other.

  5. Begin to determine each individual's responsibilities for the project.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Fri Apr 24 13:01:06 EDT 1998
Tom Kelliher