Hyperlinks in FrontPage

CS 102

Feb. 13, 1998

Have your previous labs handy in case you need to refer to them. As we progress, we're building a skills set and adding to it each time we do a lab. The lab handouts are your refreshers when you forget skills --- bring all of them with you to class.

Opening a Pre-Existing FrontPage Web

  1. Open FrontPage Explorer.

  2. Open your FrontPage Web from last time by clicking the open button on the tool bar (it looks like a folder).

  3. Verify that the File Location in the Open FrontPage Web dialog box is the same as what you entered when you created your Web. If not, change it (refer to the previous lab handout for the location).

  4. Click List Webs, then choose <Root Web> from the list of Webs. Click OK.

  5. Open your home page, and verify that everything's the way you left it.


  1. Open FrontPage Editor and create a new page by clicking the New button (it looks like a sheet of paper).

  2. Add a few words of text to the page. Just enough so that you know it's there.

  3. Save the page, giving it the title Image Map and the File Path imap.htm.

  4. Open your original Home Page. We're going to create a link from it to the page you just created. Highlight a few words of text in your home page and then press the Link button (it looks like a chain link with the globe behind it). Choose the Current FrontPage Web tab from the Create Hyperlink dialog box that pops up and press the Browse button. Choose your new page in the Current Web dialog box that pops up and click OK. Click OK again to close the Create Hyperlink dialog box. You just added a relative URL. Save the page.

  5. Take a look at FrontPage Explorer. The right hand window pane should show a picture of your Web site with an arrow indicating the new link.

  6. Now, we'll create an external link using an absolute URL. Return to your home page and select a few more words of text. Press the Link button. This time, select the World Wide Web tab. Add a link to Goucher's home page by typing
    in the URL box in the Create Hyperlink dialog box. Important note: Web users can leave out http:// because the browser adds it; Web designers cannot. Click OK to close the dialog box. Save the file.

  7. Return to FrontPage Explorer and verify that the new link is displayed in the site map.

  8. Go back to FrontPage Editor and click the Preview button (it looks like a page with a magnifying glass in front of it. Your home page should be displayed in Internet Explorer. Verify that your two links work.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Thu Feb 12 13:44:31 EST 1998
Tom Kelliher