Quiz 2 Results, Web Publishing Overview

Tom Kelliher, CS 102

Feb. 18, 1998


  1. Would it be helpful if I were available in my office two evening hours a week to assist with Web page creation.

From last time:

  1. Hyperlinks in FrontPage.


  1. Return quizzes and discuss.

  2. Web publishing accounts on phoenix.

  3. Password selection.


  1. Finish preparing your Web site for publishing Friday:
    1. At least two pages in your <Root Web> in Web1 folder.

    2. One page must have the file/path name index.htm

    3. At least one relative URL from index.htm to the other page(s).

    4. A few absolute URLs.

    5. At least one image within the pages.

  2. Reading assignment: In Designing Web Pages with FrontPage 97, skim Chapter 2 and read Chapter 3.

Quiz Return and Discussion


  1. Question 1. Clarity: Would someone unfamiliar with the topic understand the answer?

  2. Question 3. Subjective assignment of ``letter grade.'' How did your answer relate to our discussion? How well did you apply netiquette principles.

  3. Question 4.


    1. The search was not very effective, given the huge number of returns.

    2. How can it (+spam* ftc) be improved?

    Document. Apply the principles we learned in class.

    1. Old.

    2. Author, organization, advertising, references, etc.

Choosing a Good Password

http://phoenix.goucher.edu/password.html --- ``Choosing a Good Password.''

General User Rights/Responsibilities

Don't know what Goucher uses. This one is very good: http://phoenix.goucher.edu/acceptable.html --- Westminster College's ``Policy for Responsible Use of Information Resources.''


  1. Always assume someone is looking over your shoulder.

  2. Privacy in the workplace. What privacy?

  3. Censorship vs. free speech. Firsthand experiences here and elsewhere.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Wed Feb 18 09:54:09 EST 1998
Tom Kelliher