Accessing the Shared Network Drive

CS 102

Jan. 29, 1999

We have a shared drive, on the network, to which we all have access. This will allow each member of a project group to collaborate and share with his or her group members without being dependent upon each other for access to project files. Individuals may also use the drive as they see fit.

To use the shared drive, I ask that each individual or group create a folder on the shared drive and place all their work into that folder. Within that folder, you may create as many files, folders, documents, etc.\ as you like. Please do not create anything outside of your or your group's folder.

It is important to realize that we all have equal access to everything on this drive. All of us will be able to see what you're doing with the drive. Likewise, each of us has the power to remove other's work. With that in mind, be especially careful if you are accessing files or folders not your own.

If you have any problems, either with making the connection or testing it, please let me know. You will have access to the drive until the conclusion of the semester. At that time, your access will be removed and the contents of the drive deleted. Following are instructions for connecting to, testing, and disconnecting from the drive.

Connecting to the Network Drive

  1. Right click on ``My Computer.''

  2. Choose ``Map Network Drive.''

  3. For the ``Drive'' letter, choose S:.

  4. For the ``Path'', type: \\goldfinch\cs102

  5. Leave ``Connect As'' blank.

  6. Ensure that ``Reconnect at Logon'' is checked.

  7. Click OK.

Testing the Connection

  1. Open ``My Computer'' (double left click).

  2. Open your ``new'' S: drive.

  3. On the S: drive, you should see a file with the name README. Open it and follow the brief instructions.

Disconnecting from the Network Drive

(You needn't do this until the end of the semester.)

  1. Right click on ``My Computer.''

  2. Choose ``Disconnect Network Drive.''

  3. Carefully select the S: drive.

  4. Click OK.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Thu Jan 28 17:54:53 EST 1999
Tom Kelliher