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Tom Kelliher, CS 102

Mar. 1, 1999




Read Lessons 3--5.

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Lesson 2.


  1. Lesson 3.

Coming Up

Wednesday will be homework day.

Lesson 5. We won't do Lesson 4 because it's so similar to MS Word skills we've already practiced. However, you should look at pp. 74--82.

FrontPage 2

  1. A note: In these FrontPage it's important to realize that you're learning skills you need later to design and create your own pages. You must practice to maintain these skills.

  2. In this lab, you'll learn how to use FrontPage to add several types of hyperlinks to web pages and to delete hyperlinks from a page.

Start lesson 3 in the FrontPage text. A few notes:

  1. Before starting, copy the lesson3 folder from your FrontPage CD ROM or from the FrontPage97 CD folder on the S: drive to your frontpage folder.

  2. In step 5 on page 44, you will again need to specify a file location for the new web and not a server. The file location you should specify should be the path to your frontpage folder. For me, the path would be
    Recall that the path you specify will be similar, but not the same.

    If you are asked to confirm converting the folder, respond yes.

  3. At several points in the lesson, you are asked to access files on the Frontpage CD ROM. If you brought the CD with you, use it. Otherwise, all the files are on the S: in the FrontPage97 CD folder.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Sun Feb 28 15:47:21 EST 1999
Tom Kelliher