Homework 1

CS 102

60 points, due Mar. 5, 1999

Do one or two of the following problems. If you do one, the maximum grade you can receive is a B. If you do two, the maximum grade you can receive is an A. You may not choose to do both Excel projects. You may turn in the homework anytime before 11:59 pm on the due date. You should turn in the work by e-mailing it to Send mail to kelliher AT DOMAIN goucher.edu; one piece of e-mail with the subject CS 102 homework 1 and one, two, or three attachments.

  1. Write a JavaScript program which computes the average and maximum of a set of grades. The input -1 should be used as the sentinel value. So that you need not be concerned about division by 0, you may assume that at least one grade is entered.

  2. Design a PowerPoint presentation of 5 or 6 slides length. You may choose the topic. Your presentation should include a few pieces of clip art, use several bulleted lists, use a few tasteful animations, and start off with a title slide including your name. Choose an appropriate background color theme. See the INTRO.PPT presentation on the S: drive in the Kelliher folder for an example.

  3. A friend of yours is in the process of buying a home and has asked you to compare the payments and total interest on a 15- and 30-year loan. You want to do as professional a job as possible and have decided to analyze the loans in Excel, then incorporate the results into a short memo written in Word. As of now, the principal is $150,000, but it is very likely that your friend will change his mind several times, and so you want to design your spreadsheet so that you can easily change your assumptions. This project requires that you create two files: the spreadsheet and the memo document. Turn in both files. See the spreadsheet CAR.XLS on the S: drive in the Kelliher folder for an example of a loan calculaton.

  4. Your work study job next semester has placed you in the Provost's office, where you are to create a presentation for the Board of Trustees. The Provost is expected to make recommendations to the Board regarding the expansion of some programs and the reduction of others. You are expected to help the Provost by developing a series of charts to illustrate enrollment trends. The Provost has provide you with an Excel spreadsheet ( enrolmnt.xls on the S: drive in the Kelliher folder) with summary data over the last several years. Put each chart on its own page of the spreadsheet. For each chart, provide some written justification of its inclusion (why you are including it) and design (why you chose the particular chart type). The justifications should appear on the original page of the spreadsheet.

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