Command Prompt and FTP

Tom Kelliher, CS 102

Feb. 15, 1999



Quiz on Wednesday.


Look through the Internet timeline at Life on the Internet: Net Timeline
( and read Short History of the Internet
( .

From Last Time

Finished up web page.


  1. The command prompt and a handful of commands.

  2. The file transfer protocol.

  3. Command prompt and FTP lab.

Coming Up

History of the Internet.

The Command Prompt

Why would I bother?

  1. Getting to the command prompt.

  2. Changing drive letters.

  3. Changing directories (folders). The use of .. and \.

  4. Listing the files in a directory.

  5. Deleting and renaming files. Copying a file to a diskette.

  6. Running other programs. Example: notepad.

  7. Leaving the command prompt.

File Transfer Protocol

  1. Referred to as ftp.

  2. GUI FTP programs.

  3. Logging in: user and password.

  4. ASCII and binary transfers.

  5. Changing directories and listing files. Printing the working directory.

  6. Uploading and downloading files.

  7. Anonymous FTP.

Command Prompt and FTP Lab

Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Feb 15 09:42:07 EST 1999
Tom Kelliher