Tom Kelliher, CS 102

Feb. 8, 1999



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MS Word, urban legends.


  1. Introduction to HTML.

  2. HTML lab.

Coming Up

Introduction to JavaScript.

HTML Page Structure

The most basic HTML page:


Viewing HTML directly.

Some nomenclature:

  1. Tags:
    1. What's in angle brackets.

    2. Two flavors: start, end. Usually matched.

    3. Examples:

  2. Enclosed text: the text between a pair of tags.

  3. Attribute:
    1. Something which can modify a tag.

    2. Has a value.

    3. Examples:
         <body bgcolor="white" text="blue">
         <a href="">Goucher College</a>

Some tags:

  1. Title: <title>...</title> --- enclosed text is the page title. Only valid in the head section.

  2. Centering: <center>...</center> --- enclosed text (or an image) will be centered.

  3. Headings: <h1>...</h1> --- enclosed text will be an unnumbered section heading. Range: 1--6.

  4. Paragraph separation: <p> --- the end tag isn't usually used.

  5. Text emphasis: <i>...</i><b>...</b> --- italics and bold, respectively.

  6. Links: <a href="URL">...</a> --- enclosed text will be a link to URL, which shouldn't be abbreviated.

  7. Images: <img src="URL"> --- no end tag. Insert the image pointed to by the URL.

  8. Horizontal rule: <hr> --- no end tag. Insert a horizontal rule.

  9. JavaScript:
       var modiDate = document.lastModified;
       modiDate = modiDate.substring(0,8);
       document.write("This page last updated on " + modiDate);
    // --></script>

HTML Lab & Individual Meetings

Thomas P. Kelliher
Sun Feb 7 17:28:17 EST 1999
Tom Kelliher