E-Mail and Web Clients

Tom Kelliher, CS 102

Sept. 10, 1997


Distribute remaining account info.


None today. For the ``new'' students, see Sept. 5's assignment. Turn in on Friday.

Choosing a Good Password

  1. Guidelines.

  2. Why is it important?

  3. See http://phoenix.goucher.edu/password.html .

  4. Is a good password any defense if you forget to log off?

  5. The real issue: authentication and determination of ownership and responsibility.

  6. Alternatives to passwords?

E-Mail Addresses

  1. E-mail: username, hostname.

  2. Top-level domains: edu, com, ca, au, uk. What others?

Deciphering URLs

Consider the URL

It has three components:
  1. http --- service name. Other possibilities: gopher, telnet, news, etc.

  2. phoenix.goucher.edu --- server name. The name of the Internet computer to which this request is directed.

  3. ~kelliher/ --- location of information on server. ``Drill down'' through folders.

  4. Do I have to type the whole thing?

A few additional examples:

Note the port component on the second example.

A Brief History of the Internet

  1. The Internet.

  2. Telnet: remote login.

  3. E-mail, discussion lists: private communications.

  4. Ftp: file transfer.

  5. Chats, IRC, role-playing games: electronic ``lounges.''

  6. USENET, bulletin boards: public communications.

  7. Gopher: text-based ``web.''

  8. World Wide Web: multi-media. The whole nine yards.

  9. The future?


  1. Shutdown and boot processes.

  2. Sending e-mail --- any questions?

  3. Using a Web browser: Internet Explorer

  4. Printing a Web page.

  5. Locating resources on the Web. Find the home pages for two companies: TYAN Computer and Gateway 2000. Can you find more than one home page for Gateway 2000?
    1. Find the Gateway 2000 Reading Room and read ``Technologies: A PC Guide.''

    2. At Tyan, find the page for the S1563S motherboard. Go to the clickable motherboard page and identify some of the parts of the motherboard.

  6. Changing your password?

Thomas P. Kelliher
Tue Sep 9 12:41:10 EDT 1997
Tom Kelliher