Review for Quiz 4

Tom Kelliher, CS 102

Oct. 27, 1997

The quiz will be held at the beginning of class and will be closed book. You should be able to complete the quiz within 15 minutes or so. However, you will have up to the entire class period for working on the quiz, if you desire.

You should be familiar with the following material from using FrontPage:

  1. Making links.

  2. Dragging images into a page. Aligning images. Images as links.

  3. Setting the background color. Using a background image.

  4. Setting the page title.

  5. Mailto links.

  6. Bulleted and numbered lists.

  7. Formatting text: color, alignment, styles (normal, heading1, heading2, etc.)

  8. Horizontal rules (lines).

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Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Oct 27 22:13:31 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher