Project Groups; Paint Shop Pro Demo

Tom Kelliher, CS 102

Nov. 5, 1997


Personal home pages due Friday, Nov. 14.

Project Groups

  1. Art project: Rachael, Jennifer D., James

  2. Elementary students project: Nanette, Kim, Jennifer O.

  3. Athletics Project: Amanda, Darrien, Dennis, Meredith

  4. Cinema Project: Dana, Dyani, Mike, Maria.

  1. Division of labor: management, content location, content assembly.

  2. Use of e-mail to communicate --- carbon me.

  3. Presentations on last day of class.

  4. Weekly status meetings, beginning Wednesday (assignment of roles, definition of project).

  5. My role: consultant.

Paint Shop Pro Demonstration

  1. Converting a BitMap file to GIF or JPEG.

  2. Reducing/Increasing number of colors.

  3. Background/Foreground colors.

  4. Using the text tool.

  5. Painting tools: brushes, fill tool, etc.

  6. Creating a uniform background for a transparent GIF.

  7. Image filters.

Experiment with a new image.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Tue Nov 4 14:42:31 EST 1997
Tom Kelliher