FrontPage Editor Basics

CS 102

Oct. 13, 1997

Practice with each of the following by starting a new ``scratch'' page that you can ``throw away'' when you're finished or by opening a page from the Web (any page will do --- try to get one with some images). I'll bet this stuff is pretty old hat by now, because the actions are similar to what's available in other software.

  1. Starting new pages. Saving.

  2. Opening existing pages: on disk, from the Web.

  3. The various bars and buttons (Chapter 2).

  4. Navigating around the page:
    1. Home

    2. End

    3. Ctrl-Home

    4. Ctrl-End

  5. Select then do model.

  6. Line breaks versus paragraph.

  7. Selecting:
    1. Universal: drag over desired selection.

    2. Another universal: click one end, go to other end, Shift-click.

    3. Selecting a line.

    4. Selecting a word (double).

    5. Selecting a paragraph (double).

  8. From the Edit menu (also toolbar): Undo, Redo.

  9. Also from the Edit menu: Cut, Copy, Paste.

  10. From the View menu: Format marks, HTML.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Oct 13 08:12:07 EDT 1997
Tom Kelliher