Group Project

Tom Kelliher, CS 102

Apr. 19, 1999




From Last Time

Information technology.


  1. Quiz.

  2. Group projects.

Coming Up

Project planning.


Group Projects

  1. 3--4 groups, about equally sized.

  2. You may form groups or I can assign.

  3. Roles within a group: leader, content explorer, graphics designer, webmaster.

  4. Design a schedule to monitor progress.

  5. Suggested topics:
    1. Computer viruses.

    2. Encroachments on privacy (MS GUID, Pentium III ID).

    3. Y2K.

    4. Good web page design.

    5. Computer ergonomics (posture, vision, repetitive stress injuries).

    6. Buying a computer.

    7. E-commerce.

  6. Presentations on last day of class (5/3), including service credit option group.

Let's see if we can form groups and select projects. Don't leave out the people who aren't here today.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Mon Apr 19 11:04:14 EDT 1999
Tom Kelliher