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Examples of Interpolation (ASCII Hex Values)

You need not use only the octal values when interpolating ASCII characters into double-quoted strings. You can also use the hexadecimal values. Here is our same program using the hexadecimal values this time instead of the octal values:

     use strict;
     use warnings;
     print "A backslash: \x5C\n";
     print "Tab follows:\x09over here\n";
     print "Ring! \x07\n";
     print "Please pay bkuhn\ \x2420.\n";

As you can see, the theme of "there's more than one way to do it" is really playing out here. However, we only used the ASCII codes as a didactic exercise. Usually, you should use the single character sequences (like \a and \t), unless, of course, you are including an ASCII character that does not have a shortcut, single character sequence.