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Array Interpolation

Array variables can also be evaluated through interpolation into a double-quoted string. This works very much like the interpolation of scalars into double-quoted strings (see Scalar Interpolation). When an array variable is encountered in a double-quoted string, Perl will join the array together, separating each element by spaces. Here is an example:

     use strict;
     my @saying = qw/these are a few of my favorite/;
     my $statement = "@saying things.\n";
              # $statement is "these are a few of my favorite things.\n"
     my $stuff = "@saying[0 .. 1] @saying[$#saying - 1, $#saying]  things.\n"
              # $stuff is "these are my favorite things.\n"

Note the use of slices when assigning $stuff. As you can see, Perl can be very expressive when we begin to use the interaction of different, interesting features.