Nand2Tetris Software

Preliminaries for Both Windows and Macs

Nand2Tetris is Java software. If you don't have a Java JDK 8 installed, before proceeding further go here. For the version, select OpenJDK 8 (LTS) and select the HotSpot JVM. Then, download the installer for your platform (Windows x64 or macOS x64).

Windows Installation

  1. Download this ZIP archive.
  2. Open the ZIP archive and copy the nand2tetris folder to the root of your C: drive.
  3. Close the ZIP archive.
  4. Open the nand2tetris folder that you just copied. In it, you'll find a Nand2Tetris folder. You'll need this folder in step 6.
  5. This next step depends upon which version of Windows you're using. click the Start Menu button, right-click "All Programs," and then click "Open All Users." A window will open; open the Programs folder in this window.
  6. Drag the Nand2Tetris folder into the Programs folder that you opened in the previous step.
  7. Restart your computer.
  8. To test the installation, run the HardwareSimulator from the Start Menu.
  9. You're finished.

Mac Installation

  1. Download this TGZ archive. It should end up in your Downloads folder. Note the file extension; it may be .tar rather than .tgz. If the extension is .tgz, open the Terminal utility and enter this command:
    sudo tar -x -C /usr/local -f ~/Downloads/nand2tetris.tgz
    Otherwise, open the Terminal utility and enter this command:
    sudo tar -x -C /usr/local -f ~/Downloads/nand2tetris.tar
    The use of the sudo command on the two lines above will require you to enter your password. Please note that you won't see any keystroke echoes (no asterisks) appear when you type your password.
  2. To test the installation, enter this command from the Terminal:
    The HardwareSimulator should run.
  3. You're finished. Note that you'll always have to run the Nand2Tetris programs from the Terminal utility.

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