DrJava Software

Preliminaries for Both Windows and Macs

Windows Installation

  1. Download this ZIP archive.
  2. Open the ZIP archive and copy the DrJava folder to the root of your C: drive.
  3. Close the ZIP archive.
  4. Open the DrJava folder that you just copied. In it, notice that you have a DrJava shortcut (.lnk file). You'll need this shortcut in a minute.
  5. Now, click the Start Menu button, right-click "All Programs," and then click "Open All Users." A window will open; open the Programs folder in this window.
  6. Drag the DrJava shortcut into the Programs folder.
  7. To test the installation, run DrJava from the Start Menu.
  8. You're finished.

Mac Installation

  1. Download this ZIP archive. It should end up in your Downloads folder.
  2. Open the ZIP archive. Drag DrJava.jar to your Applications folder.
  3. Double-click drjava_icons.ico to open it in Preview. Click Edit->Select All followed by Edit->Copy.
  4. Right-click DrJava.jar in your Applications folder and select Get Info. Select the tiny icon at the top of the Info window. Click Edit->Paste. Further down in the Info window, select Hide extension.
  5. Close the Info window and then close the Preview window.
  6. Again, right-click the DrJava JAR file and select Open With->Jar Launcher. Click Open in the warning dialog that will open. DrJava should start. After this, you should be able to start DrJava by simply double-clicking its icon.
  7. You're finished.

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