Setting up your Phoenix Account for DMC 105

Setting up your Phoenix Account for DMC 105

  1. Along the top bar of your virtual desktop, on the left, locate the MATE Terminal icon. It looks like a dark rectangle with a frame. Click it:

  2. MATE Terminal will open. Type the command dmc105setup and press the Enter key:

  3. You'll be prompted to change your password. Enter the 12 or 16 digit password you were given. Again, don't type the spaces between the groups of digits in the password.

  4. Next, you'll be prompted to enter a new password. Your new password must be 12 characters (uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation characters) long or longer.

    If you help selecting a good password, ask Tom or see Selecting Secure Passwords.

  5. Enter your new password a second time:

    You can now save this password in your NoMachine connection for Phoenix the next time you connect, but keep a copy of your password in a safe place just in case you need to re-create the connection later. (It happens.)

  6. Setup of your account for DMC 105 will be automatic after you've successfully selected a new password. Onece this is complete type the command exit and press the Enter key:

  7. You should now see these icons on your desktop. Spyder 3 is the program you'll use for writing your programs in the Python programming language. LibreOffice Writer is similar to Microsoft Word; you'll use it for any write-ups required in the labs. The DMC105 WriteUps folder (not shown) is where LibreOffice Writer saves documents. When you're finished working, use Logout to log out of phoenix:

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