Opening a Virtual Desktop on Phoenix

  1. Open the NoMachine Enterprise Client software and get to the Recent Connections NoMachine Enterprise Client window. Double-click your phoenix connection:

  2. You'll see this the first time you connect. Click Yes:

  3. Enter your phoenix username and password (not your Goucher username and password). The first time you log in, use the password that you were given. This password is 12 or 16 digits. Don't type the spaces between the groups of digits in the password. You'll change your password after you've logged in the first time, so don't save it in the connection file just yet. Click OK:

  4. Enter fullscreen mode by clicking this icon at the bottom of the window:

  5. Double-click Create a new virtual desktop:

  6. Your virtual desktop will appear in moment.

Last updated Sunday, 13-Feb-2022 11:11:06 EST.
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