CS 340 Principles of Artificial Intelligence    Fall 2015

Dr. Jill Zimmerman
office: Julia Rogers 127
phone: 410 337-6227
email: jill.zimmerman AT goucher.edu

Office Hours:
        10:00 -11:00 MW
        9:00 - 10:00 F
        others by drop in or appointment

Text: Russell and Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 3rd Edition

Class web page: http://phoenix.goucher.edu/~jillz/cs340

Course Description and Goals:
We will look at a broad range of techniques used in artificial intelligence. These will include search methods for problem solving, methods for using a knowledge base, planning algorithms, and machine learning methods. This course will combine theoretical principles as well as hands on practice using many of the techniques presented in class.

Course Objectives:

Course Mechanics
A portion of class time will be spent doing lab and project work. I will provide many of the software tools so that the programming will not be too overwhelming or burdensome but will allow you to solve some interesting AI problems.  I will provide ample time for all graded work to be completed.  I therefore expect all work to be turned in on time and will not accept late work.  The course schedule is outlined on the website http://phoenix.goucher.edu/~jillz/cs340 and on goucherLearn.  Check the schedule regularly for all due dates and and exam dates.

Turning in work that was produced from someone else as your own is  subject to an Honor code violation.   (See the Honor code for definition and disposition of academic dishonesty.)

2 Exams (20% each) 40%
Labs / Projects 60%