CS 340    Lab 6 - Partial Order Planning


1.      Consider the following start and goal states. 

        Start State                                            Goal State

Use POP to develop a plan for the solution.


2.  A monkey is in a laboratory with some bananas hanging out of reach from the ceiling.  A box is available that will enable the monkey to reach the bananas if he climbs on it.  Initially the monkey is at location A, the bananas at location B, and the box is at location C.  The monkey and box have height Low, but if the monkey climbs onto the box he will have height High, the same as the bananas.  The actions available to the monkey include Go from one place to another, Push an object from one place to another, ClimbUp onto or ClimbDown from an object, and Grasp or Ungrasp an object.  Grasping results in holding the object if the monkey and the object are in the same place at the same height.  Use POP to develop a plan which will allow the monkey to get the bananas.


You will need the files pop.lsp, horn.lsp, and queue.lsp which you can copy from ~jillz/cs340 on phoenix. You will need to define a list of operators, the initial state, and the goal state. Use the file shop (also in ~jillz/cs340) as a guide. To run pop, enter xlisp, load the file pop.lsp, and then enter the lisp command (pop init goal).


Submit your files containing the operators and just the portion of the transcript with the solution to me.  Also submit drawings of the partial order plans that show the causal links and the ordering constraints.