-Venture into the Castle of AAAAARGH! Home of Vicious Inter-Dimensional Beasts.
-Recover the fabled Necronomicon and become ALL POWERFUL
-Collect Health Boxes to Boost Your Health to SuperHuman Levels
-Collect Different Ammo Boxes to Add to Your Arsenal
-Enjoy the Power of Three Unique Weapons
-Battle in Destructible Environments
-Never Play the Same Game Twice! Randomized item drops make every game unique
-Beware the Treacherous Mines of Explosionaniness!
-Marvel at the Surging Lava Flows, of Terror!



W : Move Forward
S : Move Back
A : Move Left
D : Move Right

E : Use Psychic Fist
-Psychic fist can be used to damage enemies or pick up objects off the ground
-Note: Very short range, must be next to enemies or objects to affect them
-Can also be used to defuse mines if you're careful, probably better just to shoot them

1 : Select Blaster
2 : Select Zapper
3 : Select BFG

Esc : Exit the Program

The Interface:

Health: Lower Right Hand Corner, When You Hit 0 Health You Die!

Weapons & Ammo Listing: Lower Right Corner
Weapons You Do Not Have Will Appear In Red
The Currently Selected Weapon Will Appear In Green

Blaster : Rapid Shooting but Weak : Select with '1'
Zapper : A stronger version of the Blaster : Select with '2'
BFG : The Ultimate, Powerful but Slow : Select with '3'

Requires Java 1.4 (J2SE 1.4.2 SDK recommended)


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