Tom Kelliher, CS 318

Jan. 30, 1998


From last time:

  1. Operating services, system calls.


  1. Project groups.

  2. Getting the code.

  3. Making it accessible.

  4. Compiling and running.

Assignment: Read The Nachos Instructional Operating System.


  1. On-line info: .

  2. Root of Nachos source tree: ~kelliher/pub/cs318/nachos-3.4/code/ .

  3. Use a recursive copy to make one copy.

  4. Project groups: allows you to share your work.

  5. Do a recursive chown to make the group nachos for the source tree.

  6. Before each editing session be sure to do the following:
    phoenix% umask 07
    Or change once in your .cshrc.

  7. On ``reserve'':
    1. W. A. Christopher, S. J. Proctor, and T. E. Anderson, The Nachos Instructional Operating System.

    2. T. Narten, A Road Map Through Nachos.

    3. A. D. Birrell, An Introduction to Programming with Threads.

  8. Using gdb:

  9. Project teams.

  10. Deciding file repositories and copying files.

  11. Setting groups and modes.

  12. Running gmake from the threads directory.

  13. Running Nachos.

Thomas P. Kelliher
Thu Jan 29 13:29:14 EST 1998
Tom Kelliher